10 Amazing Benefits of Coriander for Health

Benefits of Coriander

Would like to know Benefits of Coriander? Coriander is also called as dhania in India. It is derived from the ripe fruits of Coriandrum sativum. It was a very old spice used by people. Actually it looks like a flower.  It is widely used by chefs for many dishes.

People from Asian, Indian and Middle Eastern countries use coriander in masalas and curries.  Some people also use it in salads and soups.

Below are 10 amazing health benefits of coriander

1. Coriander reduces skin inflammation

Cineole contains 11 main ingredients of the essential oil. Out of them linoleic acid also available in coriander. Due to the ant arthritic and ant rheumatic components it helps to prevent swelling.

As per research the antioxidants in coriander helps to extract inflammation and reduce the growth of lung, breast and cancer cells.

2. Coriander helps to reduce blood sugar

Do you know coriander seeds help to reduce blood sugar by reducing oils? Those people have low blood sugar can practice with coriander to reduce the blood sugar.

You know blood sugar is type 2 diabetes. A research says coriander reduces the blood sugar and increase the insulin to control the diabetes. It has some heart-friendly fibers.

3. Immunity Booster

Coriander also helps to increase your resistance power of your body. It has components like, quercetin, tocopherols which have immune- boosting, anticancer and neuro protective effects which help to increase the immunity in body.

4. Coriander helps to improve your skin health

After all we all need perfect skin and we always try to maintain the perfect skin. In this case coriander is a great ingredient that will help you a lot because coriander has full of antioxidants, vitamin C, and beta- carotene.

Once you apply it on your skin you will feel soft and glowing because it will protect the cells from oxidative stress. If you will apply coriander juice on your face for any kind of acne, black heads, oily skin or pigmentation it will work beautifully to heal your skin. It is also used as a remedy for eczema. If you have dark lips you can use it as a lip balm to detoxify it.

People also use it a face mask by mixing coriander with Aloe Vera or lemon juice. Some people also eat fresh coriander leaves every morning to boost stomach immunity.

Benefits of Coriander
Benefits of Coriander

5. Coriander gives benefit to heart

Some research says coriander can reduce the heart disease risks. This includes high BP and bad cholesterol levels.

Coriandrum sativum helps to reduce the excess sodium and water of your body.  Some research says coriander helps to reduce bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol levels.

People eat the coriander herbals because it reduces the sodium intake which helps to improve the heart health.

6. Coriander helps to improve gut health and digestion

It also helps to improve your digestion due to the oil extracted from coriander seed.

As per study if you take herbals contains coriander daily three times it will reduce the discomfort abdominal pain and bloating.

7. Coriander beneficial for Salmonella Protection

As per study the main reason for food borne illnesses is Salmonella. So it is advices that protect it in a natural way and that is important. Due to the high level of duodenal a compound that acts as an antibiotic which helps to heal salmonella illness.

8. Easy to mix in your diet

Coriander sativum is an edible plant. Its taste is very different. But the seed of coriander have healthy flavor and its leaves and citrus taste like soap.

You can use it in roasted vegetables, cooked lentil dishes, pickled vegetables, and baked goods. If you warm them it will release the aroma and use the paste in your dish.

You can find coriander mostly in soups to garnish it. Some people uses it in every curry to garnish it. People also use it with coconut milk, lemon juice garlic and peanuts to make a paste for salsa and burritos.

9. Coriander can protect your brain health

Due to the anti-inflammatory ingredients it can help your brain to fight against brain ailments like Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis.

Research says it also helps to protect against nerve-cell damage due to its antioxidant compounds. It can also manage your anxiety.

Coriander can improve your brain memory and helps to reduce anxiety symptoms due to its antioxidants.

Benefits of Coriander
Benefits of Coriander

10. Coriander helps to treat insomnia

If you have any kind of sleeping issue then take coriandrum sativum in your meal, it will help you a lot. Due to insomnia people always feel tired and stay asleep most of the times. In this situation you can try natural remedies to treat your insomnia. Take some coriander leaves grind it and drink the juice, you can add sugar, water to your taste if you want. It will help to reduce your anxiety a lot.

End Note

Coriander helps to reduce your infection, improve heart health, brain memory and digestive system also.

Coriander is an antioxidant herb which has many health benefits. Till now it is not confirmed that how much quantity one should take to receive the exact benefits.

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