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10 Best Substitute for Turmeric | Checkout Number 7!

Substitute for Turmeric

Substitute for Turmeric: Well you can find Turmeric in every kitchen all over the world as it gives a good taste and texture to the food. Always go for the best alternative of turmeric if you are not interested to using it or due to some circumstances it ran out of stock. Here we will give you some best substitute of turmeric.

Turmeric has some anti inflammatory and different kind of flavor, that’s why it is widely used across the world’s kitchen.

Turmeric is used heavily in Asian countries and specifically in India it is common used in every curry. You can find it rarely in countries like U.K., USA and Canada.  Basically it comes from Curcuma longa plant and sold in market as a powder version of it. Uses of raw turmeric are different and used it as a medic for some kind of diseases also. Later we will discuss about it in a different blog.

Actually to be honest substitute of turmeric is very hard because of it natural ingredients but still we will try to give you some best alternative of turmeric.

1.Galangal Powder

One of the best alternatives of turmeric is Galangal powder and its sharp and piney flavor will add great taste to the curries. It will add variety of flavor to your dishes without any major color. You can try it and let us know the difference of it, we hope you won’t regret.

2.Garam Masala  

Garam Masala is most commonly used spices in Indian curries. Its ingredients are cinnamon, black pepper, cumin, cardamom and clove. If you compare garam masala with curry powder, garam masala has spicier flavor and it should be used less quantities in dishes.

You can find it very easily in local grocery stores. If not they you can make it in home with its ingredients mentioned above and trust me it is the best version than the purchased one from market.


Mustard is a yellow paste that comes from Brassicaceae’s seeds.  Actually it is herbal plant found by ancient civilians of India and Egypt back in 3000 BC. But as far as if you think of ground mustard seeds, Romans were the first to combine it with wine.

You know mustards are very helpful in symptoms like arthritis, migraine and asthma because mustard contains anti-inflammatory ingredients. There are different types of mustard seeds available in market but the black is the spiciest. Mustards used by Chinese, English are hot in type but the mustards used by American and German is bit sweet in taste. If you combine all available types of mustard it will give you spicy, sweet and aromatic flavor.


You can you Ginger powder as a substitute for turmeric. Ginger powder comes from Zingiberaceae. Ginger powder is used to marinate vegetable, prepare sauces and meat also.

 The flavor of Ginger is spicy and has some health benefits. It may not taste like turmeric but it will work perfectly in making of smoothie.  

Substitute for Turmeric
Substitute for Turmeric

5. Cumin Powder

Cumin has a very strong flavor, so it is always advised to use it a small portion in your dishes. It is very famous in Mediterranean and Indian cuisines. Actually it is the seed of Cuminum cyminum plant. Sometimes, you fill that ginger is bit sweet for the dish you are cooking; even your recipe requires bitter taste. In this case cumin powder will be very helpful and give different flavor. Cumin power is also used in salads, boiled eggs and in soups.

Substitute for Turmeric
Substitute for Turmeric

6. Curry Powder

Maximum people take curry powder as a substitute for turmeric. Because curry powder is basically made from different spices and blended together. Out of all these spices turmeric is one of them.

But you cannot use curry powder in every dish. As cook you have to decide which one is suitable for dish at that moment.


Saffron is one of the most expensive foods in planet. It comes from the Crocus sativus flower plant. It blooms only once a year that to just for a week. It has only three stigmas and that needs to pluck early in morning. That’s why it is the most expensive food inn planet.

It is an excellent choice if you looking for yellowish –orange color for your dish. It has a sweeter taste so it won’t give you that extra flavor but as a backup it will help you a lot. Try to use small quantities in your dishes otherwise it will taint the character of other dishes.

Substitute for Turmeric
Substitute for Turmeric


Annatto has a great ingredient to color your food. It comes from the seeds of Achiote tree. You can find it in Latin American countries and its color is deep orange-yellow. It is used as dye in cosmetic and textile industries also.

People from Mexican and Caribbean countries use Annatto in their dishes. It has some antioxidants which help in high BP, constipation, diarrhea and heartburn. You can use it directly into the oil or as rub.


One of the most popular spices is Paprika. Paprika is made from the red fruits of the Capsicum annuum plants. Its origin was from Mexico.

Now a day’s Paprika is widely used by people of Latin America, Spanish, Hungarian and other countries in their dishes.

Sweet, hot and smoked are three flavors of Paprika. It will give a differ aroma to your food with exquisite color. Use this spice as a substitute for turmeric as per your preference.

10. Fresh and Dried Turmeric

You can use dried turmeric in your dishes as an alternative if your dishes permits. As a dried and fresh it has all the ingredients and flavor which is hard to beat.

End Note:

Try to learn new thing in cooking and implement those with different types aromatic flavor to taste your food.

If you have any useful alternatives for turmeric apart from mentioned above then please let us know.

We would love to hear your suggestions

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