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Pneumonia While Pregnant

Overview of Pneumonia

Pneumonia is form of a severe type of lung infection in human body. Pneumonia is a combination of cold, cough and flu, when this type of infection spreads to the human body. When you tested positive for pneumonia during pregnancy, is called maternal pneumonia.

Generally it is considered a very severe and fatal illness for anyone. Some groups including pregnant women come under higher risk in case of complication.

So, when you tested positive for pneumonia while pregnant it is better to consult your doctor immediately to avoid any  type of  complication during pregnancy period.

Pneumonia While Pregnant

Maternal Pneumonia Symptoms

First pneumonia starts with symptoms like cold and flu but after some days you may get other symptoms like headache, vomiting, sore throat and sometimes body aches.

Below are some maternal pneumonia symptoms:

  • May  feel chest pain
  • Vomiting
  • Feel difficulties during breathing
  • Severe cough
  • Sometimes gets high fever
  • Feels high fatigue
  • Loss of appetite
  • Breathing high

The symptoms of maternal pneumonia are not different during trimesters. But you need to be more cautious during the pregnancy period. Sometimes it may cause due to some other reasons also.

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Reason of Maternal Pneumonia during Pregnancy

During pregnancy you may exposed to pneumonia because of natural immunity suppressed at that period. During pregnancy period your body needs more power to support your baby, so the chance of pneumonia increases.

Pregnant women have less immunity power and are more exposed to flu. During this period they may have less lung capacity. Due to all this they may more exposed to pneumonia.

When the virus or you can say a bacterial infection which reached to lungs is called pneumonia. Generally pneumonia happens due to some bacterial infection. Study says this is called as community-acquired pneumonia.

Below are mentioned some Bacterial malefactor

  • Mycoplasma pneumonia
  • Streptococcus pneumonia
  • Hemophilic influenza

There are some other viral infections may cause pneumonia:

  • Chickenpox
  • Influenza
  • Distress syndrome

You may quickly expose to pneumonia if you have other symptoms like mentioned below:

  • If you have asthma
  • Having poor immune system
  • Other chronic illness
  • IF you an anemic
  • If you are exposed to hospital premises regularly
  • Smoking habit

When should you call to your Physician

Don’t wait! If you are getting any signs of cold and flu call to doctor immediately. Once you try to avoid it the worse it becomes.

During pregnancy flu is the first symptoms of pneumonia. You should visit immediately to hospital if you have pneumonia to cure as early as possible.

Sometimes Emergency hospitalization required if you have symptoms like below:

  • If your fell severe pain in your belly
  • If you feel chest pain
  • In case of high fever
  • In case of difficulties in breathing
  • If you vomiting continuously
  • Dizziness
  • If your baby in not moving inside

Diagnosis of Pneumonia while Pregnant

Your physician is guiding you what you need to do. Below are some points your doctor may check:

  • Will check your lungs by listening and through x-ray
  • Can take a sputum sample for more test
  • Back history of your case and health status
Pneumonia While Pregnant

Pneumonia treatment during pregnancy

Generally doctors treat with common treatments in case of viral pneumonia which is completely safe during pregnancy. In early stages doctors suggests for anti-viral medicines to cure it. Sometimes respiratory therapy also used for pneumonia to.

In case of bacterial pneumonia infection doctors will suggest you for antibiotic but antibiotics cannot cure viral pneumonia infection.

Your physician may also give you some painkillers to lower the pain and fever. They generally use acetaminophen.

To recover from this you should take enough fluids and proper sleep. Don’t eat any type of supplement or other medicine without consulting your physician.

Any chance of complications during pregnancy due to pneumonia

If you have pneumonia and you leave it for several days without treatment then it may cause different type of complications. In this situation your oxygen level may fluctuate because your lungs can’t produce that much to supply all over the body.

As a result your lungs accumulate the fluids and it is called as empyema disease. After few days it may spread out of the lungs to other area of your body.

Some complications may cause to your baby. These are mentioned below

  • Weight of the baby is low
  • May cause miscarriage
  • Sometimes premature birth
  • Can lead to respiratory failure
  • Sometimes it may lead to fatal if you left it untreated

Outlook for Pneumonia while Pregnant

Pneumonia complications can be cured very easily if you start treatment at the first sign. Many cases found having healthy babies after treatment of pneumonia at first stage.

But in some case it is found that the fatality ratio is increased in pregnant ladies as compared to those women who are not pregnant.

But now a day many factors that helps to reduce the risk of complication, including:

  • Quick diagnosis
  • Took vaccine
  • Due to intensive care
  • And antimicrobial therapy
Pneumonia While Pregnant

What are the Preventions?

To get out of pneumonia is to take precaution to avoid infections like cold and flu. Always maintain hygiene during all there period to prevent this illness. If you are pregnant then you should follow below few points:

  • Wash your hand regularly
  • Take a healthy diet
  • Take  proper sleep
  • Do exercise daily to build immune system
  • Avoid people who are sick

Generally flu vaccines are good to avoid this disease. People who are older and having respiratory illness are also falling in this type of category.

During flu season discuss with your physician about the benefits of vaccination. We recommend you to get vaccinated before the monsoon season.

Once you get the flu shot it will help you during your pregnancy period against pneumonia. It also help your baby from the flu disease after birth. Till your baby becomes six month old this vaccine shot will help you. This study is according to American Pregnancy Association.


If you are contracting to any kind of flu or cold, please call your physician immediately. Sometimes you may visit to the hospital for checkup to protect against pneumonia.

Thank you for reading this article. This article has written to the best of our knowledge and for your information only. Please consult your doctor before taking any kind of supplement or other medicines. We would love to hear from your about your pregnancy journey. Please let us know by commenting below.


  1. Can a cold harm my unborn baby?

    During pregnancy cold will not affect your baby. Your immunity system is enough to handle this situation.

  2. Can a cold cause miscarriage?

    Cold during pregnancy can be irritating but it can’t cause any miscarriage.

  3. Can coughing during pregnancy hurt baby?

    No, It doesn’t affect your baby if you coughing during pregnancy.

  4. Do colds last longer when pregnant?

    Yes, cold can be lasts long during pregnant because during this period your immunity system are lower.

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