Avocado Oil Shelf Life Summary 2021 | Best FAQ’s Answered!

Avocado Oil Shelf Life

What is Avocado?

Before knowing about avocado oil shelf life, first know about avocado. Avocado is basically originated from South Central Mexico. It is the member of flowering plant family Lauraceae. The fruit of this plant called avocado. This avocado trees are partially self cross fertilized.

Mexico is the highest avocado producer of the world because it’s Mediterranean weather suits for cultivating.

Generally the raw material of rich oil is avocado. Because of this you can find very interesting to extract and production of it. Avocado oil contains a high oleic acid content that contains vitamin E that helps to fight against oxidation. This increases the shelf life of the product.

In food industry shelf life evaluation of vegetable oil is very important. Due to this self life evaluation of avocado you can trust it and it ensures the safety of the product. To measure this estimation of shelf life there are different methods applied to check.

Avocado Oil Shelf Life

Shelf Life of Avocado

Avocado oil extracted from avocados by processing it. It can be very sensitive if you are not process it properly. Once oil extracted you have to keep it safely otherwise it will be polluted due to the atmosphere.

There are some unsaturated fatty acids are available in the raw oil, when that comes under the exposure of air atmosphere it gets polluted. As a safe side you can expect it to last at least 180 days if you opened the avocado oil bottle. But the sealed bolted can be kept until 365 days without any issue.

One more tip if want to increase the shelf life of avocado please keep it in refrigerator after opening it. If you keep it in refrigerator it will make your oil bit cloudy but when you brought it back to normal temperature, it will be back to its original color.

Points for Purchasing of Avocado Oil

Avocado oil comes in a glass bottle and in amber color. Actually it helps to visually recognize the oil and ensure that it should be in natural color.

The natural color of avocado oil is light yellow to slight green. Before buying it please check the preservative ingredients. If you are using in house then it must safe for uses.

Please check the ingredients and labels of the avocado oil if you are using it for your skin. Buy that product which suits to your skin and not allergic to your body. Always go for branded company if you using it for your skin care.

Keep it in a Safe Place

When it come to storage of avocado oil, it is very tough because of normal atmosphere. When it come in touch of oxygen it starts to react and becomes smelly in very less time.

Due the color of the bottle light not passed through it, as a result it lasts longer.

To avoid this situation keep it in a cool and dry place and avoid direct light otherwise it can alter the chemistry of ingredients.

Measure to be taken during Handling

Most of the people used it in cooking and to beautify the skin because avocado oil has moisturizing properties. Before using it in cooking or applying in skin, please wait for some time to soften the oil and then apply.

Don’t heat the avocado oil directly in gas. First keep it in a open place for some time to soften it. If you heat it directly then it will degenerate the components of it and make it unfit to use.

Avocado Oil for Cooking

You can use avocado oil for both cooking and dressing the salads. You can use it as the replace of olive oil. People use it in cooking because it has much nutrition as compare to other oils.

When you taste avocado oil actually it melts in your mouth and gives a different sweet taste to you buds. You can use it in your grilled chicken or your salads as well, which give you a lot of flavors.

FAQ’s Avocado Oil Shelf Life

Does Avocado Oil Expire?

Yes, definitely it expires. If you opened the bottle the safes duration is approximately 6 month.

How long does avocado oil last once not opened?

If the bottle not opened then it will be kept until 2 years without any issue. But keep it in a cool and dry place.

How do you know if Avocado oil is rancid?

If you opened the bottle and left the bottle to the exposure of sunlight, quickly it get rancid because oxygen that reacts when it comes in touch of avocado oil.

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