Best Health Drink for Kids 2021 | Number 7 is very Important!

Best Health Drink for Kids

Best Health Drink for Kids: Parents are always worried about their children regarding to eat healthy nutritional food and healthy drinks. We also have to take care about the consumption of calories and the amount of calcium they require to build their bones strong.

We always find challenges when it comes to the eating part of child. Many children’s are always like to have sugary beverages because they have some kind of sweet tooth. But as a parent it’s our responsibility to guide them to have healthy and balanced food for their health.

Best Health Drink for Kids

Calcium intake calculation for kids each day:

  • Below 3years (toddlers) : Up to 700 milligrams calcium everyday
  • Above 4 years and below 8  years: 1000 milligrams calcium everyday
  • Above 9 years and below 18 years: 1200 to 1300 milligrams calcium everyday

So here we have some healthy drinks to take and some to avoid.

Best Health Drink for Kids 2021

1.Coconut Water

Normally you can find calories and sugar in coconut water but still it’s a healthier option other than soda and sports drinks.

You can find vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and several nutrients in coconut water and that is very important for children.

During playing and exercise Childs are lost some potassium, calcium, sodium and to fill this deficiency coconut water helps a lot as, it contains electrolytes.

It helps for active children’s as a hydration alternative of sports drinks. If a child falls sick it helps the child to rehydrate form illness. Best option for children is plain normal coconut water.

2.Plain Milk

Current general guidelines for intake of milk every day.

  • Below 3 years kids ideally should  take 480 milliliter everyday
  • Above 4 years and below 8 years kids should take 600 milliliters milk every day
  • Above 9 years kids should take at least 720 milliliters milk each day

Mostly children’s are likes sweetened milk drink instead of unsweetened milk. Trust us the best option for kids is the unsweetened milk.

At the low age the growth of child is very important so the milk helps it as it contains nutrition.

For a child’s bone growth and healthy health it requires calcium, protein, phosphorus and magnesium and inn milk all these ingredients are available naturally. You can find vitamin D in milk and that is also very important for a child’s bone density and growth.

During growth of a child it increased metabolism at it needs higher fat as compared to adults. But many children drink fat free milk but fat is important factor in development of brain and overall growth of body.

In general 2% fat milk is a better choice for children as compare to skim milk. But if you drink too much milk, it makes them full and later they consume less food in their meal or snack.

Its parents responsibility to check the intake quantity of milk before eating meal, try to give less quantity of milk at dining table. But some children are not comfortable of having daily consumption of milk and they feel some kind of allergy and intolerance.

Please consult your pediatrician if your children are having any kind of milk intolerance.

3. Plain Water

First thing first if your child is thirsty, ensure give them water first.

To regulate and to manage the organ function in body including temperature in child’s body water is very important.

During child hood their body grows rapidly and the rate of metabolic is higher, so they require more water than adults to compensate the body weight.

Our body is naturally designed like if you drink lots of water and it manages the body weight and reduces the risk of cavities and improves brain function.

Once children gets dehydrates it can impact in your child’s health. It can lead to fatigue, reducing brain function and constipation.

So water is very essential for child to maintain child’s health and maintain their body fluid intake.

4. Some Smoothies

If your child is not having fruits, vegetables directly instead you can try them in the form of smoothies in daily diet.

The best smoothies are always made at home filled with nutritious ingredients and that makes an excellent choice.

You can offer them smoothies of below combinations as,they are the favorites of kid:

  • Beets with strawberries
  • Blueberries with spinach
  • Pineapple with kale
  • Cauliflower with peach

Make the best homemade smoothies with above combination with dairy based milk and add some avocados, cocoa power coconut and ground flax seeds to make it better.

In this way you can increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables in your child.

5. Herbal Teas

Generally parents think tea is not good for kid’s health. But some herbal teas are good and safe for health.

Lemongrass tea, chamomile and mint are some herbal teas which are great alternatives of sweetened beverages. These herbal teas are completely caffeine-free.

During sick and anxious it helps a lot to children as it has some nutritional benefits.

Generally those people have symptoms like diarrhea, indigestion and gas, they are advised to take chamomile.

Chamomile helps to reduce the inflammation as, it has anti-inflammatory properties

But one thing to remember always that these herbal teas are not good for infants and it should be given to children at low temperature.

6. Flavored Water

Normal water always seems boring and in general children are not like the very essential fluid.

You can make the water by adding fresh fruits and herbs instead of adding sugar and calories.

There are many flavors available in market you can try some combination of it.

Below some combination you can try:

  • Lime with orange
  • Watermelon with cucumber
  • Lemon with strawberries
  • Mint with pineapple
  • Raspberries with blueberries

7. Electrolytes:

Some time to transmit the nerve impulses of the body you may require Electrolytes as, it contains ions. To maintain the muscle contractions for easy movement it helps a lot. Below are the 7 major electrolytes in the body.

  • Phosphate  called as (HPo4-)
  • Chloride called as (CL-)
  • Calcium called as (Ca++)
  • Magnesium called as (Mg++)
  • Potassium called as (K+)
  • Bicarbonate called as (HCO3-)
  • Sodium called as (Na+)

As a parent you don’t have to worry about the deficiency of electrolyte balance in the human body. Daily regular diet helps it to maintain these deficiencies but sometimes it may requires as the child gets dehydrated quickly as compared to adults. Due to the physical activities they generate sweat and it reduces the electrolytes form the body and the child may feel dizziness.

During loose motion and diarrhea electrolyte drinks are very useful to children. Oral rehydration solutions (ORS) or electrolyte water always helps to manage the lost ions in body by replacing them.

Drinks to avoid as much or may limit

As parent we should give some space to enjoy occasionally for sugary beverages and sweetened drink but keep an eye to not consume regularly.

If they consume soda and soft drinks with junk foods they may lead to obesity and dental cavities.

You can find 39 grams of sugar in a 354 ml regular Coca-Cola or 10 teaspoons.

As per the American Heart Association (AHA), that the sugar intake should be kept under 25 grams per day for children between 2-18 years.

Drinking too much beverages lead to weight gain and cavities in children.

You can find vitamins and minerals in fruit juice with 100% but still the intake should be limited to children.

Professional associations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)

Juice be limited to 120–180 ml per day for children 1-6 years

Juice be limited to 236–355 ml per day for children aged 7–18 years

But in major cases if you drink excessive fruit juice it increases the risk of obesity in children.

Generally we found many children like to drink caffeinated beverages. These are like coffee, energy drink and soda which later leads to affect their health.

If you consume higher quantity of caffeine it causes high BP, fast heart beat and sleep issue in children. So it is advised to limit the consumption of beverages that contains caffeine.

But it is advised to parents that some energy boosting drinks may contain more than 100 mg of caffeine per 354-ml. So try to restrict them to consume excessive caffeine.

Best Health Drink for Kids

End Note

Always try to give them healthy drinks when they are thirsty.

Try to give them as mentioned above herbal teas, normal water and unsweetened milk which are best child-friendly beverages.

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