Difference Between Acute and Chronic Disease

difference between acute and chronic disease

What is acute disease?

Difference between acute and chronic disease :As a layman term we can say the diseases transpire suddenly and stay for a few days are known as acute disease. The condition can be treated with medicinal treatment. Most of the time s acute diseases may turn in to chronic if they continue to stay in body. The first asthma attack is acute which later turns into chronic disease.  Appendicitis, pneumonia, strep throat, cold-cough are some of the symptoms of acute disease.

What is chronic disease?

Many  diseases takes time to transpire over a period of time and stay longer in human body, called chronic diseases. These diseases may last in the body for more than 4 to 5 years. The symptoms of these diseases are initially very low and it starts to damage the body slowly and later it may causes death.

The fatality factor involves in these diseases due to ageing, an unhealthy lifestyle and gender. This chronic disease may or may not be heal medications. Hepatitis, diabetes and HIV are comes under chronic diseases.

What are the symptoms and treatment of acute and chronic diseases?   

Acute diseases are the one attack the human body quickly with some specific symptoms present and require instant care. This disease need short term care and gets better once treated carefully. If a broken leg bone that might take place from a fall must be treated instantly by a medical doctor. This bone crack will required immense care and get well with time and treatment. Cold and cough can also be call as acute disease. These diseases can go away soon if taken care at the right time.

About chronic diseases

Chronic diseases are the ones which develop slowly but stays in human body for a very log duration. These diseases may have a number of warnings or may have no signs at all. Some of the chronic diseases are blood pressure, diabetes and heart related disease and these kind of diseases only be healed by controlling it.

Prevention of Acute and Chronic Diseases

We as a human being can prevent acute and chronic disease by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Some points are given below to follow.

  1. Try to limit consumption of sugar and all foods that consists of sugar.
  2. Try to take less quantity sodium
  3. Try to limit the excessive caloric intake from any type of source.
  4. Try to take fruits and vegetables and adequate folic acid.
Major points for Acute and Chronic Disease
  • Acute diseases refer to the medical condition that occurs suddenly and lasts for a shorter time frame.
  • Chronic disease starts very slowly in human body and lasts for long duration.
  • Chronic disease may leads to fatality.
  • Disease that stays in human body for a longer time can prove to be a fatality, otherwise it can be treated by medical doctors.
  • Common cold, jaundice, cholera, burn are comes under acute diseases.
  •  Chronic diseases include HIV+, Cancer, tuberculosis etc.
So in a nutshell we can say below are the difference between Acute and Chronic Disease.
Acute DiseasesChronic Disease
These types of diseases start instantly.In this case they start over a period of time.
They stay for a lower period of time.They stays longer time in human body.
They do not leads to any damage in human body.They damage the human body over a period.
They are not at all fatal.Mostly chronic diseases are leads to fatal.
Malaria, Jaundice, Cold, Cough,  Typhoid are comes under Acute DiseaseCancer, Aids, Tuberculosis are come under Chronic Disease.

So now the Difference between acute and chronic disease, we can say that chronic diseases are more dangerous as compared to acute diseases. In case of chronic diseases we need to take extra care, attention and proper research because these diseases make a long term effect in human body. A chronic disease is very painful and stressful also. This stress impedes and delays the recovery of body.

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