Does alcohol make you lead to obesity? | What your nutritionist utters in 2021

Does alcohol make you lead to obesity

Alcohol and its consumption are associated to many myths and lot of assumptions but it doesn’t have any worthiness.

Sometimes it may tend to make you gain some fat which can be noticeable.

So, let’s discuss more about does alcohol make you lead to obesity?

A well known nutritionist Bhuban Rastogi helps you to get rid out of this and keep your body weight and obesity in check. 

Before moving to the topic let’s know about obesity and its symptoms in little summary.

What is Obesity and it’s Symptoms?

Generally we can say if your body fat has extensively accumulated in your body which may lead to negative impact on health.

Basically people measure their obesity by body mass index.

Simply body mass index is calculated by dividing the person’s weight by the square of the person’s height.

After the calculation generally it is considered that 25-30 range is overweight.

Obesity has many causes like diet imbalance, environment causes, less physical activity and exposure to disrupting chemicals.

One research say there is a link between obesity and depression, if your obesity increases the risk of clinical depression and the depression leads to obesity.

Below are some symptoms

  • Excess fat on your body
  • Feeling tired and lazy
  • Always feeling hungry
  • Low interest in any type of work

Does alcohol make you lead to obesity what Nutritionist says

Nutritionist Bhuban Rastogi states if you are consuming less quantity then alcohol does not increase the body weight, increased the appetite or hamper fat reduction.  

But around use it can help for large appetite and less muscle buildup.

Rastogi clarifies alcohol consumption leads to bloating and puffiness.

Alcohol is significantly inflammable in nature and it is even more if you coupled it with foods causes gasoline like sugar or carbonated drinks. 

As we mentioned if you consume foods like this with alcohol then you may feel puffiness attributes liquor intake. This happens because alcoholic beverages are diuretic and it dehydrates the entire body.

Rastogi mentioned in a research that confirmed alcoholic beverages intake in less qualified prospects to the ‘same body weight loss as an additional command group offered the very same volume of whole calories’.

Nutritionist Bhuban Rastogi agreed that moderate uses of alcohol, especially on a regular basis, can direct to better appetite for food and less muscle build-up.

He shared a handful of standard figures of alcohol intake. He suggests changes on the figures talked about relying on sizing and parameters even though employing.

One adult person can take 1 device of liquor per working day for 5 times a 7 days with energy accounted for and ample quantity of water consumption on that day.

  • ½ pint 4 for each cent beer
  • 100 ml of 12 for each cent wine
  • 25 ml of 40 for every cent whisky

Sometimes one can get pleasure from an occasional drink or two it is really critical to exercising warning.

Prevention to fight the effects of Alcohol drinking

  • Always increase your water intake after every drinking session
  • If you are facing any king of gastric issues then lower your sugar and carbonated drinks
  • Always try to give a break between your drinking session as, your body need some time to digest the alcohol
  • If you are a regular drinker then try to consume 1-2 units per day for a longer and better health
  • As per research if you are consuming 4-5 time in a week with lot of water then it won’t affect much to your body


After your drinking session try to consume adequate water which helps your body to keep hydrated. Next day try to take balanced food though out the day.

If you have gastric issue the try to avoid foods which causes gastric. For some people it may drink like milk or cauliflower etc.

Can drinking alcohol cause obesity?

Actually it depends in your lifestyle

Does alcohol cause fat belly?

Sometimes it may increase your belly fat

How much weight gain is caused by alcohol?

If you are consuming daily basis and you lifestyle is very poor then it may increase very quickly

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