Does Creatine Cause Acne? Best Researched Results in 2021

Does Creatine Cause Acne

If you are gym person then you must heard the word creatine. It is used to gain the energy and fitness. It may be possible of side effect for using the creatine too much. So, as per side effects, does creatine cause acne? Let us discuss more about the uses of creatine.

Since ages Creatine is known for helping to build muscle and increase the brain health. Generally you notice the main side effect of consuming creatine is hair loss but today we will not discuss about the hair loss.

It is quite possible to have acne after taking creatine because it may influence the human body mechanism.

What is Creatine?

Generally you can find creatine in your body and muscle. The other name of creatine is amino acid. It is used by gym people as a supplement to increase their performance. It is naturally created by your liver, kidneys and pancreas. If you are including seafood and meat in your diet then you will get more creatine.

After having the creating human body converts to phosphocreatine.  This phosphocreatine used by our muscle to create energy. This is the main reason for sports persons to consume creatine as it increases the performance level.

Some evidence found that after consuming too much creatine due to side effect in some cases very severe fatality. As of now there is no such evidence received that creatine causes acne.

Does Creatine Cause Acne?

Creatine converts water into the muscle cell and this is the important role of creatine in human body. It helps to increase the amount of ATP produced by the muscles. This helps you to do more exercise and get better result. You can feel not tired after taking creatine and interested to do more exercise.

If you take the supplement correctly you can notice the difference easily which is boosting your strength. Since decade this is the common reason of creatine but recently as per research, creatine supplement can increase your testosterone level by 20%.

After consuming creatine researchers notice in human body one more hormone is increased and that can be the cause of acne. DHT has increase significantly to 50% after consuming the creatine supplement. But as of now people who are already suffered with hair loss after taking creatine it increases the rate of loss because of DHT levels increased.

Until now it is not cleared that creatine causes acne but we can say it hypothetically that due to the imbalance of human mechanism it may cause acne. People who are already having acne, now after consuming creatine it increase the hormones as a result the acnes are breakout easily and make it worse.

Creatine and it’s Relation between Acne

As of now researchers has not found any solid evidence for relation between acne and creatine. In other way you can say creatine actually helps to protect against aging effect. In some cases study says it can help in reducing the wrinkles and sun damage also.

Generally people think that creatine is steroid but it is actually not.

Other Side Effects of Creatine in Body

Creatine is a safe supplement but there can be some other side effects may have.

  • Weight Gain
  • Muscle cramping in different areas of body
  • Having Nausea
  • Feeling Dizziness
  • Dehydration in body
  • Heat Intolerance in body
  • May cause kidney and liver damage
  • Some may have kidney stone

If you are having a healthy body then you might not get any kind of side effects after taking creatine. Study says it is safe and very effective in building muscle mass. If you are already suffering from liver or kidney problem then you should consult your physician before taking creatine supplement.

It is considered as safe to consume creatine but in some cases you may get some mix products of anabolic steroids and that may cause side effect.

Benefits of taking Creatine Supplement

Creatine is the most useable supplement to increase the muscle mass. Basically it is used by athlete, bodybuilders to build their muscle and strength. It helps to increase the capacity of your body to do extra physical workout.

People from weightlifting also consume creatine to increase their ability to lift more weight. Due to the water retention nature of creatine it can help you to work out in heat also.

It helps to recover from your injury by healing the muscle mass. Apart from these benefits there are some other clinical benefit are there but the evidence is very less.

These are some clinical benefits you may get.

  • Helps to lowering the cholesterol of your  body
  • Minimize the bone loss issue
  • Helps to heal the mental fatigue
  • Quite effective in creatine loss syndromes
  • Helps to protect diabetes by lowering blood pressure
  • Helps to treat congestive heart failure
  • Improves in diseases like muscular dystrophies and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Some study says supplement of creatine may helps in pregnancy. It helps to improve the organ function of new born baby if the newborn baby is suffering from oxygen during birth.


Nowwe can say creatine is safe for use as a supplement but if you think you are going to bald after using it then you should be cautious about creatine. This can be considered in the case of acne also. The reason is if you are already having acne issue or still it appears then you need to rethink about creatine for consuming.

Currently if are going through acne issues on your face then you must take some weeks or some months of break until your face gets cleared from acne.

This is a well known supplement and everyone should try to improve the strength and mental benefits. If you are concerned about the side effects then you should try in small portion to check how your body reacts to it.

Thanks for reading the article. We would love to hear from you about your creatine experience. Let us know by commenting below.

FAQ’s Does Creatine Cause Acne

Do I need supplement every day?

Ans: Please consult your physician and discuss the issues. He will guide you better how to and how much to take creatine supplement.

Can Creatine cause stomach pain

Ans : As of now no side effects found on health men. If you are already having some kind of problem in your stomach then you may get affected by creatine.

Does creatine increase testosterone?

Ans: Yes, Creatine increases the testosterone level of body by 20%.

Disclaimer: We have written the above blog with best of our knowledge and after some research. This is for your information only. Please consult your physician before taking any kind of creatine supplement.

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