Does Creatine Cause Hair Loss? 7 Best Facts You Must Know

Does Creatine Cause Hair Loss?

Does Creatine Cause Hair Loss? You know creatine is widely used word in sports. Sometimes people say you will face hair loss issues once you started taking creatine. Do we have evidence for this statement?

Creatine may impact the level of hormone but may not involve in hair loss directly.

To know more about the benefits and side effects of creatine and about its relation with hair loss, keep read the research report.

Once you started taking supplement which contains creatine, it increases the DHT level. Once the DHT level increases it changes the enzyme which helps testosterone to DHT. As, a result you may face hair loss after some days.

As of now no research published that creatine is main reason of hair loss. Having creatine in diet it increases the DHT level and hair follicles. Now we can say creatine is the reason of hair loss but indirectly.

Does Creatine Cause Hair Loss

What Is Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)?

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is one type of hormone which is build from testosterone, the male reproductive system’s primary sex hormone.

Apart from its behave as a sex hormone, testosterone always plays a colossal role in develop muscle and hair.

This is the cause maximum men are having more hair as compared to women. The functions eased by testosterone can only arise after it is changed to DHT

Many research and studies have form that there might be a bind between creatine and hair loss.

Generally hairs go through 3 different patches: growth, transition, and rest. When excess DHT and your growth patches shorten and the resting phase expand mode, meaning the rate of hair loss overtakes the rate of hair growth. As a result thinning hair and, eventually, balding. 

In the books of Ayuraveda, hair loss happens due to an inequality of the 3 doshas – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Those peoples with Pitta dosha Prakriti are more exposed to hair loss due to an increase in the DHT level in body.

What are the Side effects of creatine include:

  • Dehydration
  • Arrhythmias
  • Muscle cramping.
  • Heart disease
  • Abdominal pain.
  • Diarrhea.
  • High blood pressure
  • Ischemic stroke.
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Impaired kidney function
  • Seizure
  • Weight gain

Above side effects are reliant on you health and medical condition. In case of worse side effect it may lead to damage the major organs.

Does protein cause hair loss?

If you have hair loss problem as a hereditary, protein is unlikely to going benefit you. For this you have to consult a dermatologist to find out the root cause of your hair loss.

Does creatine make your balls look smaller?

No, creatine doesn’t make the testicles small or hair loss directly. The steroids are the effects of male sex hormone testosterone.

Does creatine make you bigger?

Consuming creatine helps your muscles look bigger. You can start noticing the increase in size after some days or weeks after having creatine supplement in diet.

Is creatine worth using?

One survey says usage of creatine supplement by athletes of different age groups is 17-74%. During high intensity exercise creatine supplement shown improve performance. The evidence is limited that the supplement increases the performance during exercise longer than 90sec.

Does creatine boost testosterone?

No, creatine does not help to boost testosterone levels. Creatine uplifts DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) and growth hormone (GH) amid physical action. But creatine never improves dozing hormonal application.

Is creatine bad for kidney?

Yes, Creatine is generally safe for kidney. But there is  study says that creatine might worsen kidney dysfunction in people with having prior any major kidney anarchy. As a normal healthy people Creatine doesn’t affect kidney function.

Does Creatine Cause Hair Loss

Is it OK to miss one day of creatine in diet?

Consuming creatine in your diet and the effects in your muscle in not going to happen in overnight, it’s a process and it takes weeks to build up. Suppose if you are consuming 15 grams per day in your diet, then it will increase your muscle about 15% in a week.

Now you know it take time of 15 days minimum to pump up your muscle and you can recognize it. It doesn’t make any effect when you are taking this creatine during the day. Try to take your creatine during training and off days to maintain your creatine cells filled.

Is creatine bad before bed?

Creatine supplement may help you to sleep better. As of now the maximum research says creatine is mostly focused on its virtue as an ergogenic aid. The growing body demonstrates its actual potential to improve the sleep. Once you get good sleep next you will woke up with strength training and endurance training session.

How many days a week should you take creatine?

You can find creatine all over the world at various stores. As a standard practice you should take 5 grams of creatine four times daily for 5-6 days. This is the best and most effective way to increase your muscle and maintain the creatine cells in your body. But if you are into heavy weight training you can take higher doses as per physician.

Once you gained your desired body muscle then you can lower the quantity to maintain high mass muscle. But one thing to remember once you stop taking your creatine it will come back slowly to your original body mass muscle level.

Who should not take creatine?

People who are suffering from liver disease, kidney dysfunction or diabetes should not consume creatine in diet. Pregnant women and children under age 18 are not recommended to take creatine.

How long does creatine last?

We recommend keeping in cool, dry conditions and out of reach from children. Generally, creatine monohydrate supplements lasts at least 2 years beyond their expiry. But some other creatines, such as liquid creatines, won’t last long after their expiry dates.

Does creatine make you gain weight?

As you know creatine increases the energy in you and improves your performance in field but it will increase some weight gain due to overall improve in body size. But it is less noticeable when you are building lean muscle mass. It happens due to fluid retention is temporary.

How much water should I drink with creatine?

Creatine monohydrate is the most common and well-researched form of creatine. This is used in beverages and in other products such as energy bars, capsules or tablets. We suggest consuming sufficient fluid while you are taking creatine.

Can you mix creatine with protein shake?

You will not get any extra benefit from having these two, as one is for muscle gain and another one is for strength gain. However you can consider taking whey protein and creatine if you are interested to increase muscle mass and performance in the gymnasium or in the play ground.

Should I take pre workout and creatine?

We always suggest it to take the creatine before workout as; it increases the stamina and performance. Creatine is high intensity energy to help resynthesis, the body’s instant energy source.

Does taking creatine make you not natural?

Generally, creatine found naturally in the body but as a supplement creatine is not natural. We suggest you to do some research and they try any other type of supplement.

Can Creatine affect your mood?

Research says the possibility that creatine can elevate the risk of depression in susceptible individuals if taken together. If you are consuming high doses creatine for long time it is possible that creatine alters kinase activity in a manner that adversely affects emotional regulation.

What’s better creatine or whey protein?

Both creatine and whey protein advertise them as, muscle gain, they are different in their ways of work. While creatine increases strength of body and muscle mass by developing exercise capacity. In case of whey protein, it does so by appealing increased muscle protein synthesis.

What’s better BCAA or creatine?

Generally, BCAAs provides cheap, low calorie and easy way to boost muscle protein synthesis for those low protein intake people. But Creatine can help to provide fast energy and functions more for strength gaining may be the choice of those who are heavy lifting.

Time for Doctor Consultation

As per research and what we discussed above that creatine supplements don’t do the damage of hair loss. But still you are having hair loss we suggest you to take immediate appointment with your consultant.

Go to the doctor if you are facing any other type of patch hair loss or sudden hair fall during wash. Because many type of hair loss can be treated if diagnosed properly at early stage.  

End Note

What we know till now that creatine is not the direct cause of hair loss. We need more research and analysis to prove this.

As of now current situation research says that one healthy adult can take creatine supplement in diet regularly. Once you started taking creatine it increases DTH levels so before taking any kind of supplement please consult your doctor.

Disclaimer: The above content has written best of our knowledge and after research. This is for your information only. Please take your doctor’s advice before taking any kind of supplements or protein.

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