How to Lose Weight and Tone up Fast? 5 Simple Ways to Try!

How to Lose Weight and Tone up Fast

Flat or lean body physic is everyone’s dream. But to gain it you need dedicated workout and diet control. Yes, you are at right place to know how to lose weight and tone up fast. We will try to share some major points that will help you to lose weight in a fast and effective way.

How to Lose Weight and Tone up Fast

Fat Gain Reason

Before you try losing your excess fat, if you know the cause of fat increase in your body then it will be helpful to you. If you are eating excess junk food and sugary beverages then too soon you will increase your weight.

One more reason is if you are not in to physical activities and sitting with your play station at home then the chances of your weight gain is too high.

Your Quick Guide on How to Lose Weight and Tone up Fast

If you are really want to reduce your weight then remember the name called “calorie”. Whatever you eat just remember to consume less calorie and burn high calorie. In this way only you can balance and control your weight and slowly you will get the results.

If you want to know how much calorie need for the day, you can find it through online calculator. This is basically calculated according to your weight, age, gender and activity level. Once you get the number from that calculator then try to maintain that much calorie inn your daily diet.

Generally you should consume around 1400 calories per day but it should not be less than 1200 calories. Eating fewer calories is a quick way to lose weight and to achieve toning up your body.

So many weight loss trainers give good ways to lose weight quickly. Weight lifting and training is also a very good way for fat burn. Combining with exercise and diet control is the best way to manage your body and deficit the calorie. For every type of men and women this is the right way to lose calories and weight.

Dietary Control in your Lifestyle

If your daily diet consist of juice and less food that is not a good thing for your body. You may get good results in less time but it might be harmful to your body later on.

Try to lose not less than 3 pound per week. If you do so then later stage you may face stone issue in your body. If you skipping your diet then you will feel hungrier, as a result you will end up having more food when having next food.

To avoid this situation you should divide your meal in to small portion and in a time gap of 3 to 4 hours of every meal. Try to add protein, grains and vegetables in your meal.

You can find all these things in grilled chicken, whole grains and boiled shrimps. You can take some vegetables and some low calorie foods.

Protein is Important for your Body

If you lose the right amount of calories in week it not far that you will gain the lean body. But to gain that lean body the importance of protein is very high.

But if you lose too much calories then you body will be leaned but you can lose the valuable muscle of your body.

If you want to maintain your muscle mass then increase your protein intake in diet. You can try low fat cheese, hard- boiled egg, yogurt, whey protein powder and canned tuna.

Most Effective Point for Weight Loss is Exercise

If you do cardio exercise daily then it will burn your extra calories in very quick sessions. Go for a walking and swimming for at least 250 to 300 minutes in every week. This will help you to strength your cardio vascular system but it will not tone your muscle.

Always do slow cardio and that will help you to strip some muscle of body. This will help you to form a shape in your body. If you do strength exercise they you will become stronger.

Try to lift some weight in gym so that every muscle of your body will be in good shape. Lift weight in small sets and increase it slowly once you get comfortable. Take small rests in between these repetitions.

You can do exercises like pull-ups, squats, bench press, lat pull, hammer curl to burn your calories and train your whole body which helps to reduce the calories. Give one day of between your exercise routine to recover the metabolic rate.

IF you do this entire thing regularly with dedication you will notice it within three months. But don’t stretch your body too much as nothing will happen overnight.

how to lose weight and tone up fast


Every good thing need some time to mature and reflect its shine. Have a great time to achieve it.

We would love to hear from you about your weight loss journey. Let us know by commenting below!!!

FAQ’s on How to Lose Weight and Tone up Fast

How long does it take to lose weight & tone up?

Ans: Weight Loss is not a gimmick to gain it in an overnight. But if do it in correct and proper way then you can achieve it in 8 weeks. You will be in good shape to fit in your clothes.

How do I tone my body while losing weight?

Ans: You will gain it by proper exercise and by massaging your body regularly.

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