Know How to Lose Belly Fat for Kids! |Point 5 is Important!

Know How to Lose Belly Fat for Kids!

Hello Parents!! Curious to know how to lose belly fat for kids then you are at right place. Here we will discuss some points which will help your child to reduce the unnecessary fats of belly.

As a parents some times it’s very tense to help your child to get a healthy physic in childhood. But if you do so it will help them a lot now and in the future. Sometimes it depends on the age of the child.

But there is no specific measurement is available to know that how much weight should lose as a child. Ideally they lose weight with their age growth. Sometimes it depends on their parent’s gene age and gender.

If you think your child is overweight or obese please consult a health care provider before any control in diet. Your health care provider will check your child and decide what better can be done. They will provide you a safe plan to focus your child to reach a healthy weight irrespective of whatever the age is.

How to Lose Belly Fat for Kids

Know Basics of How to Lose Belly Fat for Kids

Once you change the daily diet routine of children they will start to reduce the extra fat. In a simple calculation if you want to reduce 1 pound of fat then you have to reduce 3500 calories.

You can notice the reduce of belly fat in a faster way due to the metabolically active. Don’t encourage your child to go for serious diet change as it leads them to hungry and short of nutrition.

Instead of dieting give them healthy foods without compromise with protein to develop their brain and growing body. In small age it is not advices to reduce the fats by doing exercise.

If you really want to reduce your children’s fat then try to avoid eating them sugary products, beverage.  Instead replace them with milk, water and plain teas which help them to reduce the calorie in a faster way.

Diet plan for age of between 1 to 6

In this age your goal should be to stay at the same age or the rate of growth should be slow. In this age as a parent you are the main member to look at their daily diet routine.

Try to give your children to do some kind of physical activity in daily routine. Like playing in your backyard or jumping in living room. Daily one hour of physical activity is enough for them to maintain the physic.

During snacks and meal time try to give them nutritious food. Try to give them food in different times and in small portion.

Try to reduce the processed and fast food in daily routine. Instead give them fruits and vegetables meals. Always give them fiber rich food so that they will feel full for longer.

At first time your child may not be interested in those foods but don’t lose hope. Once they started seeing these food daily, gradually they will started liking those foods.

Avoid serving them sugary beverage and replacing them with water, and low fat milk.

Encourage your child for good eating habit. Three meals and two snacks is enough for your child to maintain the physic.

Try to make small changes in every week in your child diet. Before any kind of changes please talk to your child about their likes and dislike. Tell them that which food gives them good energy for physical activity.

Diet plan for age of between 7 to 10

This is age where most of the children stay at same weight or the rate of growth is slow.

At this age children have some kind of opinion of their own but still they need guidance from their parents.

Fill your kitchen with nutritious foods. By this your house is free from junk foods and your children get better choices of food.

Now it’s easier for them to choose better option of foods instead of any junk foods.

One more option is set some kind of rules during watching on television or computer. Because this time the physical activity is very less and this inactivity is leading to weight gain and later obesity.

Once they get out from TV or computer ask them to do some activity inn house or send them to playground for physical activity.

During the day minimum one hour is enough to main the physic. They can do this by cycling, playing cricket with friend, playing basket ball of by swimming.

At this age you should start teaching them about the benefits of healthy eating and also let them in to the kitchen. Let them shop for groceries and plan the menu and cook for them also.

Actually it’s not a journey of your child only; make sure all members of your family should join the journey.

Sit and discuss the whole family about the benefits of health. Children’s always follow their parent’s habits. If you want your child eats more vegetables then you have to start eating more vegetable in your diet.

How to Lose Belly Fat for Kids

Diet plan for age of between 11 to 17

During this age children’s mostly stay at same weight or the rate of growth is slow because they start to grow taller. During this period ideally they start to lose around 2 pounds in a week.

This period or we can say during the teenage periods children’s are old enough to make their own decision but the parent’s guidance helps them to take better decision.

We suggest you to discuss with your child and with your entire family member to make them a better choice. Try to plan the entire family to come in to the right path and healthy food and avoid being inactive.

Always try to sit with your entire family in mealtime. It is a great feel for your child to sit with you and eat healthy foods.

Always offer support to your child. If your child wants to slim then discuss with them and try to understand their motivation. During this age nutritionist have some kind of specially designed weight loss plan for them.

End Note:

Always encourage your child to get them moving. Generally teens are need one hour of daily physical activity to main their physic. During this age some children’s are not interested in playing in playground.

In this situation try to learn them some dance activities. If your child keep them busy in physical activity, it is better for their weight.

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