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Manipal Health Card Review 2021 | Pro Health Plan Benefits

Manipal Health Card

Hello Folks! Before we give you the details about Manipal Health Card let us know bit about Manipal Group and Cigna Corporation.

Manipal Group was originated in 1953 by the founder of Manipal Education and Medical Group, Dr. T.M.A. Pai. But the hospital officially came into existence in 1991. Initially it was launched with 650 bed flagship hospital at Old Airport road, Bangalore. As of now this healthcare group has more than 7000 beds across 15 hospitals in India.

The Healthcare group company is a joint venture between manipal group and Cigna Corporation. Cigna is multinational healthcare and insurance company from America. Cigna’s insurance subsidiaries are majorly deals with dental, disability, life and accident related services.

Here we will discuss about the Health Plan of ManipalCigna Health Insurance. After taking health Insurance coverage they will provide you a Manipal Health card which will help you process your claim during the hospitalization without any hassle.

Know your life stage of before choosing plans

For Young Single and Couples

  • Pro Health Protect – Mostly covers for the essentials
  • Pro Health Accumulate – A quality cover when you require

Planning a family/a family man with kids

  • Pro Health Plus – base cover when you have/are planning for child
  • Pro Health Preferred – This plan gives you higher cover when you have/are planning for child
  • Pro Health Premier – This the complete cover for all health requirements

Singles, Couples & Family – Excluding pregnancy (Daily Health Needs)

  • Pro Health Accumulate – A plan that gives quality cover for your health needs and many more

Complete peace of mind

  • Pro Health Preferred –It is a higher end plan that cover when you need more of everything
  • Pro Health Premier – high-end health solution

This ManipalCigna pro health plans some basic covers and some optional covers and with value added service also

Manipal Health Card

Few Points that comes under Basic Cover

  • In Patient Hospitalization: Once you are admitted in hospital for more than one day or 24 hours after injury or illness. This palm covers all the charges comes under the treatment like ICU charge, doctor fees, nursing expense, blood, oxygen, room charges, day care expenses and other medical charges also.
  • This plan also covers the expenses towards HIV and enteral feeding.
  • Pre and Post Hospitalization:  Through this plan you can reimburse the medical expenses before admission of hospital. You don’t have to pay anything until you are in hospital and the plan also bears the expenses after discharged from hospital.
  • Ambulance Cover:  In emergency situation to reach hospital by ambulance is much needed to treat the patient. So this plan also covers the ambulance expenses also.
  • Day Care Treatment: Today’s medical science is developed a lot. Lot of surgeries is done within a couple hours and patient also discharges. That expense also covers under this plan.
  • Donor Expense: If you undergone a major organ transplant then the expenses also covers.
  • Worldwide Emergency: Suppose if you are outside of India and some emergency came to you in that situation also this plan works and covers all expenses of sum-assured.
  • Domiciliary Treatment Expense: Sometimes you have to take treatment in home without admitted in hospital because of patient condition. In this case the expenses also covered under this plan.
  • Ayush Treatment Coverage: Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha & Homeopathy treatment also covers under this plan if your treatment is done under government AYUSH hospital or any government recognized AYUSH College.
  • Maternity Expense: Maternity Expense is also covered under this plan but the waiting period is 48 months.
  • New Born Baby Expense: Under this plan a new born baby till 90 days old all expenses covered toward the treatment of the baby.
  • Vaccination: For new born baby vaccination is must. So this plan covers the expenses of vaccination for the first 12 months from date of birth.

Some Exclusion under this plan

This plan will not cover the costs for below cases

  • Suicide or drug case
  • Foreign invasion or civil war
  • Contamination from Nuclear fuel or radiation
  • Breach of Law

Eligibility of this plan

Minimum Age: 91 days for Child category and 18 years for Adult category

Maximum Age:  There is no limit for this plan

Coverage Type: You can opt for Individual and Family Floater Plan

Period of Policy:  Up to 3 years

Important Point Claim Process

As per company they process the entire claim on fast and accurate process. This can be rely on the services given by company. As all the insurance company comes under the IRDA regulatory. So don’t hesitate to go for Heath Insurance or Manipal Health Card.

For more details of Plan check now.

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