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Max Bupa Health Insurance | 3 Best Ways to take Health Insurance

Max Bupa Health Insurance

About Max Bupa Health Insurance:

As per data Max Bupa Health Insurance Company Limited is an Indian health insurance company. It is headquartered in New Delhi, India and founded in the year of 2008.

The company started as a joint venture between Bupa “UK based healthcare group” and Max India Limited. In 2019 Max Bupa has been a joint venture between PE firm True North and Bupa. All the insurance companies are regulated by Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI).

Max Bupa Health Insurance

As company says they believe in the benefits of customer satisfaction. This is cardinal importance, and their mission is to help their customers which lead happier, more fortunate lives. They offer customer-oriented, digitally-enabled health insurance products and services to their customers. Some details such as preauthorization of cashless claims, direct claim settlement, and access to ‘Point of Care’ desks at leading hospital chains throughout the country.

Max Bupa Health Insurance‘s Leveraging Technology for Service Excellence

Company always aims to optimize customer comfort by leveraging technology. The company offer services such as their multi-functional Max Bupa Health App’, which has been designed to help their customers manage their health along with their insurance policy.

The company’s Health App enables policyholders to book OPD appointments with doctor or a pathology lab for running diagnostic tests. It also enables them to take e-consultations and get medicines delivered at home while also providing easy access to their health insurance plans on-the-go.

Max Bupa Health Insurance Plans in a Nutshell

Company always tries to keep in mind the distinct medical requirements of their customers. They provide both – tailored solutions that cater to the individual medical needs, and comprehensive health insurance products for you and your family. Below are some good offers provided by company:

Corona Kavach: Company specifically designed to protect your family from COVID-19 related expenses; the Corona Kavach health policy offers different features. From starting hospitalization coverage from Rs. 50k and up to Rs. 500k, coverage for home treatment, and also covers for AYUSH treatments. This plan offers flexible policy periods to its customers.

Max Bupa Health Insurance: Health Insurance for Individual

Max Bupa is esteemed standalone health insurance service providers in India. Company offers diverse insurance plans to provide cover for unforeseen medical emergency. Company’s Go Active plan is an active health insurance plan that adds cover for you each day. This is available on an individual and family floater basis, this radical plan offers hospitalization coverage, cover for doctor’s visits, medical tests and is also fixed with various optional benefits also.

     Salient Features

  • It comes with renewability for life with no extra loadings based on your claim history
  • Health checkup and diagnostic tests of your choice
  • It provides cashless hospitalization at chain network hospitals
  • Have a wide range of Sum Insured up to Rs. 25 Lakh
  • It comes with discounts of up to 20% on renewal premium on meeting the health goals
  • I-Protect option to increase the sum assured by 10% on every renewal
  • No TPA intervention, direct claim settlement

     Coverage Benefits of this Plan

  • 90 Days pre-hospitalization expenses are covered in this plan
  • It also covers 180 days post hospitalization expenses
  • Inpatient care up to the sum insured also provided
  • Emergency ambulance expenses bears
  • Outpatient consultations charges depending on the sum assured
  • Daycare treatment costs are covered
  • Coverage for a second medical opinion is provided to its customers
  • Coverage for domiciliary hospitalization is also available

     Some Exclusion in this plan

  • Neurodevelopment disorders, behavioral disorders, and neurodegenerative disorders are excluded
  • Oral/dental treatment expenses are not covered under this plan
  • Hospital charges related expenses are excluded
  • AIDS, HIV and related immunodeficiency diseases are not comes under this plan
  • Alternative treatment such as AYUSH, except alternative treatments taken as an inpatient
Max Bupa Health Insurance

 Max Bupa Health Insurance: Plan for Maternity

Company provides as a name called, Heartbeat is a health insurance plan which provides blanket cover for all medical expenses. In this plan you can get international cashless coverage, direct claim settlement, and other benefits provided under this plan. It is a unique plan given by Max Bupa that provides maternity cover benefit. The plan is available under individual as well as family floater option also.

Features of this Plan

  • In this plan you can get maternity benefits are provided for up to 2 deliveries
  •  It comes with coverage  provided only if both the partners are covered under the policy for two continuous years
  • Newborn baby is covered without additional premium until the next renewal of this plan
  • Avail discount on choosing to get covered for two continuously policy years
  • You can get cashless hospitalization at network hospital within 4 hours
  • No age restriction for enrollment in this plan
  • Two-year policy term option also available
Coverage of this Plan:
  • This plan comes with coverage for in-patient medical expenses
  • You can get pre and post hospitalization expenses for 60 and 90 days
  • Coverage for newborn baby and vaccination also covers from the day of birth without additional premium
  • Coverage for treatment outside India for specified diseases up to the sum assured also available
  • You can get prosthetic implants covered up to sum insured
  • Operation theatre charges and intensive care are also covered
  • You can get benefits of emergency ambulance service
Some Exclusion:
  • Some medical expenses related to injuries due to nuclear war, chemical reaction, or biological injuries
  • Medical expenses related to HIV/AIDS, STDs or other immunodeficiency diseases are not covered
  • Expenses related to dental/oral surgery, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery are not falls under this plan
  • Treatments for psychiatric disorders, behavioral disorders, and mental disorders not covered
  • Expenses related to treatment taken outside of India

Some details about claim settlements, agents & network hospitals

  • Wide Coverage: Total 3 million lives covered in past
  • Total Number of Agents – 34,000+
  • 5,000+ network hospitals at your service
  • 9 out of 10 cashless claims processed under 30 minutes of documents submission

Disclaimer: Above content is written to the best of our knowledge and after research. Please consult your adviser before taking any kind of insurance plan.

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