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National Health ID card registration 2021 | Best Health ID card of India

National Health ID card registration

What is National Health ID card?

To build a digital health ecosystem in our country, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a program called Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission.

This is a complete digital health infrastructure of our country to cater the people in digital way. After this, to use this facility, National Health ID Card Launched in our country.

This is a complete digital and universal health ecosystem platform which helps people during their health issue.

Benefits of National Health ID card

  • By this card one can easily keep their medical health reports and later share those details to the doctor or health service provider for reference.
  • During tele-consultation and e-pharmacy doctors or medical staffs can easily access those documents.
  • Thru this Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission all information’s of patient and health service providers are digitally stored with accountability.
  • Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission gives people complete choice to avail both private and public health service.
  • Once health reports stored in this platform, health service providers can give better medical services by studying those reports.
  • Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission platform gives people the faster digital claim and reimbursement process.
  • Health care providers also get benefitted from this seamless digital process.
  • Government also does their actions by analyzing the data and gives better health services and health programs for the citizens of our country.
  • Research team also gets benefited from by studying those data’s and check the effectiveness of the scheme.

Why National Health ID card?

  • By this card one Individual has a standardize identification across the health service provider.
  • By this way all medical reports are uploaded to this card to ensure correct details against those Individuals.
  • Once all the basic details like Name/Family name, demographic location, and contact details uploaded in system then the National Health ID Card (UHID) issued to that person.
  • This health ID card is unique and accessible to all the stake holder of health service provider by taking consent from the card holder.

What are Healthcare Professionals Registry and Health Facility Registry

  • This is a also designed for healthcare professionals to register them and deliver the modern and traditional healthcare services to the patient by this plat form.
  • They also connected with this registry and data updated in the digital health ecosystem
  • Health facility registry is a complete digital repository of health services facilities across the different system of medicine.
  • Under national health card facility registry all health facilities like, clinics, diagnostics laboratories, hospitals and pharmacies are enrolled digitally to give better facilities.

Benefits of Ayushman Bharat Health Records (PHR)

  • This is called personal health records of individuals which is nationally recognized.
  • All the information’s are stored under this record are completely controlled by the Individual.
  • One Individual can manage their information under this personal health records.
  • One can view the details like lab reports, treatment details, health data and discharge details across multiple health facilities.

Key Features of Mobile Application

  • First Create the Health User ID
  • Can view the Health Information
  • You can able to link all the health records with the Health ID
  • View Health Records of the Patient
  • Individual can manage the management of consents

How to Apply National Health ID

Process to be followed by you for National Health id card apply online.

There are two ways to create Health ID card.

To generate the id by Aadhaar card follow the below process

Then click the icon generate via Aadhar and go to Next page

Then give your Aadhaar number and check the “I agree” button.


Next Give your OTP and Submit

Then Go to next page and fill the details and your ID will be generated.

Got to the official website and use your health id login and find your health id details.

To download the Health ID go to my profile and my health QR code.

Your ID will be generated and you can download from there.

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