Pneumonia Symptoms in Pregnancy: Cause, Best Treatment 2021

Pneumonia Symptoms in Pregnancy


Generally during season change if you drenched in rain you may fall in to cold and start coughing. In this case if you not taking it seriously and left it untreated then it may be lead to pneumonia. During the nine-month period of a pregnant lady may get contract to pneumonia due to various causes. To avoid such Pneumonia symptoms in pregnancy it is best to avoid people who are already having cold and cough. Apart from this do exercise regularly and take rest properly.

Pneumonia Symptoms in Pregnancy

What Is Pneumonia?

Generally the initial phase is cold and cough, if you left it untreated the viral infection spreads to the lungs and turns into pneumonia. During the pregnancy period of a woman if she contracts with pneumonia then it is called as maternal pneumonia.

Reason of Pneumonia during Pregnancy

Maternal pneumonia may get contracts with women due to many reasons. Below are some types:

  • It can be due to Influenza
  • Having of viral or bacterial infection
  • If you have chickenpox
  • If you have poor immune system
  • May cause due to respiratory distress syndrome
  • Last but not the least the latest Corona virus Disease (Covid-19)

Pneumonia symptoms in Pregnancy

This initial symptom of pneumonia is like general cold and cough and it’s hard to find. If you have severe symptoms like chest pain, vomiting after eating, breathing issue then it might be due to pneumonia.

As we have mentioned some symptoms that can say you its pneumonia.

  • Have severe Fever
  • Feeling severe chest pain
  • Breathing issue
  • Cough in yellow or green color
  • Feeling very tired and listlessness
  • Appetite Lost
  • Vomiting after eating

How does Pneumonia get transmitted during Pregnancy?

We can’t say the exact way of pneumonia transmission. It can be due to various ways. Generally pneumonia is a viral infection, so it can be due to the come in contact of persons who are already in cold and cough. Sometime this infection can be spread through blood also.

Types of Pneumonia in Pregnancy Period

As per study pneumonia can be many types as we mentioned below:

  • Infection thru Viral

This type of pneumonia causes due to viral infection like acute respiratory syndrome, or influenza and it can be major issue for pregnant women

  • Bacterial Infection

This is a common infection caused by bacteria. So it is called bacterial pneumonia. Streptococcus pneumonia, Mycoplasma pneumonia and Haemophilus are the name of this type of bacteria.

  • Pneumonia due to Fungal

Fungal pneumonia is very rare and it causes due to fungal infection which is called coccidioidomycosis. It causes due to low immune power in the third trimester of women.

Risks of Pneumonia in Pregnancy Period

During pregnancy you are in transition period and a lot of changes in your body. In this period your body is completely focused on your baby’s health.  As a result the immune system of women is weak which increases the risk of getting contracted pneumonia. Some other risks are mentioned below:

  • Due to excess smoking
  • Having chronical illness
  • May be due to asthma
  • Can be due to anaemia
  • In contact with young children

Issue of Maternal Pneumonia

Yes there may be some complications also occurs during pregnancy for both baby and mother. Her we have mentioned some complications for mother.

If your oxygen level dropped due to congestion, then it leads to condition is called empyema. In this situation the fluids spreads around the lungs and later spreads to other organs. Sometimes it may lead to fatal if you left it untreated.

Due to this issue your baby may birth with low weight.

Pneumonia diagnosis Process

The first step is to identify the condition, if you feel cold, cough and chest pain is not coming down in few days then call your doctor immediately and describe the situation. He will diagnose by checking your breathing and collect your sputum sample to check more details about it. You can be advices to get hospitalized.

Pneumonia Symptoms in Pregnancy

Pneumonia treatment during Pregnancy

There are many types available for pneumonia treatment during pregnancy

If it is found as bacterial pneumonia then your physician can give you some antibiotics to take as a course. If it is only fever and congestion then doctor can give you painkillers or some over the counter pain relievers.

You should eat healthy nutritional foods and take proper rest. During this period you should drink lots of liquids to get your body hydrated. You can drink juice or milk and water as per your preference.

Prevention of Pneumonia during Pregnancy

If you want to avoid pneumonia during pregnancy then it is best to keep maintaining distance to those people who are having cold or flu infection. You should wash your hands regularly and take good rest during night to avoid pneumonia or any other type infection.

Natural Remedies can be Effectual for Maternal Pneumonia

  • Camphor

To get relief from this you can take some drops of camphor oil and add it to olive oil then rub slowly on the back and chest. This mixture will help to decongestant and can do wonders.

  • Honey

You can take it with honey and warm water which will be helpful for pneumonia. Honey has many medicinal properties, antibacterial, antifungal which is used to treat like this issues.

  • Turmeric

Turmeric is also a great remedy which can be useful for treatment of this issue. Turmeric has many antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to heal this disease.  You can take it with warm milk at night to lower the congestion level.

  • Dandelion Tea

The dandelion tea roots are very useful to treat ailments. It has many health benefits like anti-inflammatory compounds. You can take it daily with mix of honey and turmeric.

  • Garlic

Generally garlic can be found easily in every one’s kitchen. It is a best antibiotic for cough and cold and helpful to reduce chest pain. You can apply its paste on the chest.

  • Liquorices

Liquorices are also very helpful to treat pneumonia due to its antibacterial compounds.

  • Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are another way to get relief from the phlegm issue. You can consume it after boiling in water.

  • Ginger

Ginger is one of the old and most effective remedy which will be helpful in cough and cold. You can consume it in the form of tea or soup which will be helpful from the pain.

  • Steam Bath

Steam bath is also another option to get rid from this. You can add essential oils like camphor or lavender.

  • Parsnip Juice

Parsnip juice can be great choice tp heal this issue as it contains vitamins and minerals.

Pneumonia Symptoms in Pregnancy


So till now we have discussed about the causes, pneumonia symptoms during pregnancy. Now you can be able to take precautions to avoid contraction of pneumonia infection.

Apart from this if you still get contracted with infection then call your physician immediately to check the exact issue.

Thank you for reading this article. This article has written to the best of our knowledge and for your information only. Please consult your physician before taking any kind of supplement. We would love to hear from your. Please submit your feedback.

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