Why my hair does fall out in the shower? 5 Easy Steps to Stop

Why my hair does fall out in the shower

Normally when you out from shower you may notice some hair has left behind the floor and you must be worries about it.

Don’t worry about it this is a normal tendency across all genders.  You can notice it in the middle of scrubbing.

During combing you may notice your brush is full of hairs. Sometime you may feel like hairs are everywhere and its bit awkward.

Do research and keep learning about why my hair does fall out in the shower. Keep in mind not to take appointment with your doctor about your hair fall in shower or beyond it.

Why my hair does fall out in the shower

Hair growth phases

There are many stages of hair growth like Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. Let know more about these phases.

Anagen phase is called as growth phase of hair and during this phase 80 % to 90 % of hair grows.

Catagen phase is called degenerative growth phase and during this period around 10% hair is in active growth.

Teleogen phase is called as resting phase and in this period 5% to 10% hair is in resting phase.

During a study, found that in the period of normal balance the average hair fall is about 100 per day. During telogen or resting phase you can shed your hair.

In every 3 months your resting hairs shed and new hair comes in that phase. If you notice more hairs are entering during resting phase you can notice about hair fall.

Other factors which impact hair falling in the shower

Thickness of Hair

If you have thick hair that means you have huge numbers of hair overall in your head. Gradually you may notice extra hair fall due to excess hair.

Rubbing your hair

If you are brushing or rubbing your hair too much then it can lead to high hair fall issue.

Irregular in taking Bath

If you are not cleaning your head regularly then you may notice hair fall issue. Sometime in shower due to shampoo and condition hair falls because it stimulates your scalp.

Sometime lots of dust are gathered in your hair if you are exposed to dusty area or in heavy sunlight then it can be also a cause of hair fall.

Why my hair does fall out in the shower

IF you notice the bunch of hair fall in shower which is not normal quantity and during combing hair fall is much more than normal days then you should check the root cause of this problem.

We have mentioned some point which needs to be checked first.

If you are in a stress condition like you lost your loved one, office tension, family pressure or may be last few of exam stress then you may notice your hair starts to fall. This can be delayed by many months after the stress period over.

As per research your hair fall increases due to telogen effluvium. In this case your hairs are more in telogen stage so it falls out easily.

Sometimes stress can also be from severe illness or major operation.

Weight Loss

Sometimes some people lose weight suddenly due to much reason it that period your protein level also reduced, as a result you may see hair fall issue. But do not worry about it after your weight loss stopped then you can see the hair fall issue also stopped.

When to call a doctor

As per your lifestyle if you think that you are not stressed then you should call to your dermatologist for consultation. Sometime you may notice some pattern hair loss in this situation also you can call to your doctor immediately.

Due to telogen effluvium also your hair starts to fall all over your head. In this case you may feel your hair is very thin.

Alopecia Areata

If you have issues like alopecia areata then your hair starts to fall in patchy type. You can notice the hair fall issue in different area of your body also. This is a treatable issue this might happen again. The re-grow cycle may be lost in few years.

Why my hair does fall out in the shower

Prevention of hair from falling out in the shower

To prevent the hair fall issue you may take some precaution to slow down the issue.

Stress Relief

Try to lower your stress, keep your mood happy and take proper sleep which will help you to losing hair fall issue. You can do exercise to fit yourself and can also do meditation.

Lookout the source of stress

You cannot always find out your root cause of your stress. It may be due to over load of work in office or may be due to closer people are expecting too much from you.

Always try to lower your stress which will eventually help in hair loss. In this case talk to your near and dear ones for help.

Diet is Important for Hair

Vitamins and minerals are very important for growth of your hair. Like vitamin A, iron, vitamin D, zinc, Selenium and other nutrition also required for your hair.

To get these vitamins you have to add nutritional foods in your diet. Vegetables are best nutrients for hair growth. If you take it in your diet every alternate day then you can notice the hair growth slowly.

Care of your hair

If you are doing hair style by heating or harsh brushing then the chances of hair fall increases due to breakage.

Try to avoid brushing your hair when it is in wet condition. If you are a swimmer you can use swim cap to get it wet

To avoid such type of situation you may gently wash your hair with shampoo and allow your hair to dry after bath. Try to avoid tight hairstyle which eventually helps you to get out from this issue slowly.

Shower frequency matters or not

Some people say taking lesser shower can help you to lower the hair fall in shower. But if you are taking hot shower then the chances of hair fall increases. In this case fewer showers might help you.

But those hairs are meant to be fallen due to natural way you cannot hold them. Because they had grew very recently.

Why my hair does fall out in the shower


Hair fall issue is generally not an issue as it is common for both males and females. But if it is more than your normal count then you must consult your dermatologist immediately.

Thanks you for reading this article. This is for your information only. Please consult your dermatologist before taking any kind of supplement or medicine.

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