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Yao Women Rice Water Recipe 3 Simple Steps to Get Attractive Hair

Yao Women Rice Water

Yao Women Rice Water Story: A Chinese village in Huangluo was named as the ‘Long Haired Village’? The reason is because the Yao women live there have the most appealing, shiny and long hair. Imagine the length of their hair? Most of the women have hair longer than 1.4 meters, and they even made a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for this very lone reason!

Study says Yao women have a faith that long hair conveys prosperity, good fortune, longevity, etc. So their long hair is definitely their apprize dominion. Also study found they do not have a single white hair even after their sixties and seventies.

Yao Women Rice Water Preparation Plan:

Ingredients Used to make it:

  • Water
  • Pomelo Peels
  • White Rice
  • Tea Bran
  • Fleece Flower Root
  • Ginger

They always love their natural products and bet on rice water hair purifier and conditioners for everything. We can say there is nothing new in this process. This has been their essential remedy for ages, and they believe their rice water more than anything else! So, their recipe is easily the answer to all your prayers since this will leave your hair soft and shiny rest of the time.

The Process of Making Yao Rice Water:

First they wash the rice properly to remove any kind mud or other impurities. And then add water and rub the rice with hand to extract the content of the rice. When water turns to some kind of cloudy color they basket it into another pot.

Then they heat the water and let it until it boils. After the water boils they add some other ingredients including the pomelo peels, fleece flower root, tea bran and ginger to the boiling rice water. Once it boiled properly they leave the rice water to cool at room temperature

After all this process Yao women wash their hair with the rice water. That time they use a wooden comb to spread the solution from the roots to the tips of the hair.

Down the line this hair tradition is passed on from generation to another generation with their secret being in the hair care method that they use to grow their hair being used over the years.

Benefits of Rice Water

Rice water recipe helps to promote hair growth. As mentioned above the alluring length of the Yao women, so rice water surely has a significant role in their hair growth. The above magical draught is rich in Amino Acids, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, which encourages hair growth to a great intensity. The amino acids are an excellent additive for hair growth. It boosts protein and keratin production, which are the basic essentials for hair. Vitamin B is important to maintain the hair’s strength, and Vitamin C keeps the sebum production in check to an ace mark. Vitamin E helps to avert hair loss and keeps the hair hydrated so that it doesn’t feel dry or dim.

Rice water prevents to help split ends of hair. The problem of Split ends is very common, and this is a real bore. The amount of effort and time invested in making the hair long gets wasted completely when you chop off your hair length to dispose of the split ends. This is simply heartbreaking in our opinion.

The rice water is a finest remedy to prevent a split end. But if you have split ends present right now we suggest you to chop them off for now and try using rice water later regularly and forget the ache of having split ends once and for all.

Rice water helps to Cure Dandruff. There is no human being on earth who hasn’t dealt with the battle of dandruff issues. The white flakes that scrap from your scalp and the itching are simply awkward. The reason of dandruff can be anything from stress to excessive product used in your hair.

Rice water gives damage protection to hair. In today’s generation styling tools are very common in our everyday lifestyle. In today’s era perfect straight hair is one of the ongoing trends. So we suggest investing in damage or serum is essential but it can be costly. Additionally, why even invest in chemical goods when you have rice water to rescue you, which is totally natural.

Yao Women Rice Water

When can we see visible results of Rice Water?

God has given different hair quality to every people. So the timeline depends on the quality of the hair. Once you started using it you should be able to see a apparent difference after a month of regular use. The whole duration can certainly increase or decrease depending on the condition or texture of the hair.
But, ensure that your hair will feel feasible and healthy in the first use itself. So be patient and logical with your rice water recipe, and you will see bulging results soon.


If your hair lost all its strength and does not grow at all, then this predominant super food is your good friend! The assistance of using rice water is absolutely endless and is great for improving the hair’s overall health condition. This is exactly not an overnight process to achieve the goal. So, you need to stick to this for quite a long time and use it faithfully, as mentioned above.

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